Enterprise Storage

Enterprises require sophisticated IT systems, from the data center to the desktop, to provide insights into customer behavior, run billing systems and allow employees to communicate. Meeting user demands for performance within business realities requires a delicate balancing act. IT administrators and CIOs can take advantage of new approaches such as application acceleration with flash cache and software-defined networking to redefine their data centers and wider enterprises.

Networked Storage Mission Critical

Fibre Channel in the Enterprise

Powering All-flash Arrays, Mission-Critical Applications & Virtualization With Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs, you’ve got the horsepower, scalability & extreme reliability for demanding enterprise workloads.

Datacenters EnterpriseStorage

Storage and PCI Express -- A Natural Combination

PCI Express was envisioned as a way for components to connect with high performance and low latency. Storage has been one of the main beneficiaries.

End-to-End NVMe

End-to-End NVMe

NVMe networking, NVMe controllers & NVMe drive controllers