Fibre Channel in the Enterprise

Mission Critical Applications on Enterprise Servers are Driving the Need for Greater IOPS and Bandwidth for Simultaneous Access to Multi-terabyte Databases

Healthcare, banking, retail, travel, entertainment, and insurance industries share one thing in common: the need to provide fast response times to millions of users hitting massive databases (data warehouses) stored in Storage Area Networks (SANs). For the biggest companies in these sectors, these huge data warehouses range in size from hundreds of terabytes to petabytes, and the need for Gen 6 (32GFC) and Gen 5 (16GFC) bandwidth is a necessity.

All-flash Arrays Have Moved the Performance Bottleneck to the Network

Solid State Drives (SSDs) and all-flash technologies in storage arrays have brought tremendous performance capabilities to enterprise data centers and is quickly becoming mainstream. Now with mega-performance servers and storage on both ends of the SAN, the Fibre Channel link speed is now the critical element in the configuration. Deploying end-to-end Gen 6 32GFC links are essential to alleviating the bottleneck.

Virtualization is Creating I/O Bottlenecks

As enterprises increase the use of virtualization for consolidation of server infrastructure, which also reduces power, cooling and management costs, I/O bottlenecks are created. New Emulex Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs by Broadcom are helping to alleviate the I/O bottlenecks and is extending the overall benefits of virtualization by enabling higher consolidation ratios and increasing application performance.

Shrinking Back-up and Replication Windows

The pressure for ever-faster backup and replication is relentless. With Gen 6 Fibre Channel technology the connections between disk storage systems for replication, and between disk storage systems and tape libraries for backup, are substantially faster. For businesses, that means the replication and backup windows of vulnerability and disruption will be greatly reduced.

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All Flash Arrays



Unmatched Performance & Reliability

NVMe over Fibre Channel


throughput fully-consumed
by high-performance Dell EMC

XtremlO all-flash arrays1

90% better

for VMware2
Higher throughput
on reads above 
128K & writes above
32K with Gen 6
HBAs vs. 16GFC

72% less

less query time for Microsoft

SQL Server3 vs. 8GFC

3.4x4 faster

completion time for Oracle 

12c vs. 8GFC

1.6M IOPs

With Emulex Dynamic Multi-core

10M Hours

Industry-leading Mean Time
Between Failure (MTBF)
to meet SLAs

55% lower

latency than SCSI

28% faster

than Ethernet5


SCSI & NVMe concurrent HBAs