Broadcom industrial products are easy to use and cost effective, offering high insulation resistance, galvanic isolation and noise immunity, effectively addressing the current and emerging technical challenges of industrial markets including alternative energy, automated manufacturing, motor inverter systems, test equipment, industrial networking, and medical.

Industrial Networking

Broadcom fiber optic transmitters and receivers and optocouplers are ideal for industrial networking applications.

Medical Systems & Equipment

Broadcom offers a broad portfolio of semiconductor solutions for medical systems and equipment.

Motor Control

Broadcom products cover a number of the elements of a closed loop motor control system including current sense and control, position and speed of the motor.

Motor Drive Solutions

In every industrial motor system, there exists a motor drive subsystem for which Broadcom offers a range of product solutions.

Radar Systems

Broadcom offers many products that are suitable for Radar systems including analog signal input/output isolation, display drivers, power supply functions.

Solar Power

A building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system involves integrating photovoltaic modules into the building's roof, walls or windows.

Wind Power

Broadcom develops optocouplers that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of power-generation system applications.