Wireless and Mobile Communications

Broadcom's innovative, market-leading communication solutions are enabling next-generation mobile devices, cellular networks, and data center solutions.

  • FBAR filters and high-efficiency power amplifiers for smartphone
  • RF building blocks for wireless macro cell and small cell base stations
  • Pluggable optical modules for Ethernet and storage networks
  • Embedded optical engines for data centers and high performance computing

Wireless Smartphone

Smart Phones

Broadcom provides cutting-edge mobile wireless solutions enabling the world’s most prominent handset manufacturers to enrich the smart phone user experience.

Innovative Wireless Solutions

Innovative Wireless Solutions

Broadcom leads the industry in technical innovation across many wireless disciplines and offers a unique product portfolio addressing today’s most challenging problems facing the wireless industry.

Wireless Small Cell BTS

Small Cell BTS

Designers of Small Cell Base Transceiver Station (BTS) systems face many technical challenges when specifying and designing the RF front-end.

Wireless Basestation

Wireless Base Stations

Today's wireless base stations need RF components that are efficient, compact, and capable of being integrated into small enclosures while delivering excellent sensitivity and bandwidth.