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Wireless connectivity has become an integral part of modern day life as mobile devices have made it easier for people to remain connected, whether at home, in a car, at work or at a public venue. Modern mobile devices connect to an extensive ecosystem of wireless networks and connected devices, enabling everyday wireless applications like voice/text communications, location-based applications, wireless audio, video streaming and internet connectivity.
Wireless data consumption is on the rise, and the number of devices consuming wireless data is ever increasing. By 2020, an estimate of 30 exabytes of data will cross the mobile network per month of which a majority will be generated by mobile video (See brochure). LTE & Wi-Fi form the basis for today’s heterogeneous wireless ecosystem that supports this voracious appetite for data. The number of cellular bands used concurrently under the LTE Advanced continues to increase as multiple carrier frequency bands are being aggregated to provide higher data throughput.
While cellular data traffic is important, more than two thirds of mobile wireless data still goes through Wi-Fi. For next generation mobile platforms and wireless infrastructure devices, 802.11ax Wi-Fi provides faster data speed and facilitates high efficiency data transfer. Also, the wide spectral bandwidth in the 60GHz band enables a whole new generation of multi-Gbps wireless connectivity solutions.

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