Symantec Manhunt

Symantec ManHunt™ provides multi-gigabit network intrusion detection, real-time threat analysis, and proactive prevention and response capabilities to protect enterprise networks against threats and denial-of-service attacks. Its hybrid detection architecture combines protocol anomaly detection, denial-of-service and scan detection, IDS evasion detection, and extensive signature detection to accurately and effectively identify attacks.

Content and technical support for Manhunt 3.x will end on June 30, 2006. After this date, customers with active maintenance who wish to continue receiving signature updates must either:

Security Updates

Symantec ManHunt Security Updates provide the latest security content and vulnerability information, signatures, and event refinement rules.

Engine Updates

Symantec ManHunt Engine Updates provide updates to the ManHunt engine and may include new supported protocols and engine enhancements.

Download latest Security Updates and Engine Updates (Updated 02/13/2007)