Symantec Network Security - Archive

Note: This is the archive for SNS. The most recent updates can be found here.

Symantec™ Network Security 7100 Series appliances and Symantec™ Network Security software provide real-time, proactive network intrusion prevention to protect critical enterprise networks and mitigate business disruption caused by known and unknown (or zero-day) attacks and worms. LiveUpdate™ technology automatically updates protection policy technology to help organizations stay ahead of continuously evolving threats. Comprehensive policy management features help organizations easily establish, measure, and report on organizational best practices.

Security Updates

Symantec Network Security Security Updates are configured via LiveUpdate and provide the latest security content and vulnerability information, signatures, and event refinement rules.

Engine Updates

Symantec Network Security Engine Updates provide updates to the Network Security engine and may include new supported protocols and engine enhancements.

Information on the latest Security Updates and Engine Updates