PHY & POE Mass Market Program (MMP)

Industry-Leading Products

Design your networking equipment with Broadcom's proven transceiver technology. With a broad portfolio of products ranging from 10GBASE-T to Gigabit/Fast Ethernet along with Power over Ethernet and BroadR-Reach, we have a PHY and PoE solution that will meet your design requirements.



Broadcom's transceivers are utilized in a wide array of applications, including:

  • Enterprise switches, routers
  • Carrier Ethernet- Mobile backhaul
  • Gateways, wireless routers, APs, Networked printers, VoIP phones
  • SMB Networking Solutions
  • Data Center Storage/Server
  • Industrial Ethernet equipment



Key features in the PHY portfolio include:

  • Full compliance to Energy Efficient Ethernet(EEE) standard which offers substantially lower power consumption
  • Most precise IEEE1588 v2 timing synchronization offering 1ns resolution with hardware -assist delay measurement
  • Extended Reach and Cabling Flexibility: Capability to extend reach of 100/10 Mbps over longer distances using a variety of cabling options
  • I-temp qualified solutions in the latest process technologies offering small package options



Gigabit/Fast Ethernet PHYs: Broadcom's industry-leading 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet transceiver devices offer the lowest power, smallest footprint, proven interoperability, and advanced features for a wide-variety of network equipment.

10GBASE-T PHYs: Broadcom's family of 10GBASE-T transceivers offers the industry's best performance, lowest power and system cost and has experienced rapid adoption world-wide in data-center applications.

BroadR-Reach PHYs: Innovative BroadR-Reach technology extends the range of twisted-pair connections from 100 meters up to 500 meters. BroadR-Reach technology enables full-duplex operation over a single twisted pair, so that Ethernet and IP services can now be deployed at 100 Mbps over installed telephone wiring. Multiple cabling options are available to provide flexibility for Ethernet deployment. Additionally, BroadR-Reach is compatible with Power over Ethernet, greatly expanding the range of applications for POE appliances.

Power over Ethernet: Broadcom has offered PoE solutions since 2007 and continues to offer the most advanced solutions for integration, heat dissipation, and flexibility. Our PoE solution is unrivaled: systems integration, UL certification, overall cost effectiveness, and simplicity make it the best value in the market.


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