Industry Standards

As an ever-increasing amount of data moves on the global network, the need to have commonality and interoperability grows. Broadcom Limited has deep, ongoing involvement with industry standards associations and specifications. Broadcom holds leadership positions in many industry standards organizations, alliances, consortiums, customer partnership groups and trade groups. Broadcom helps shape industry standards to ensure ever-greater performance and capabilities while ensuring interoperability. Broadcom participates in the following standards organizations:
Organization Link
1394 Trade Association
Broadband Forum
DDR PHY-Interface (DFI) Technical
Die Products Consortium
Electronic Discharge Failure Analysis Society (EDFAS)
Electrostatic Discharge Association
Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium
Ethernet Alliance
ETSI Network Functions Virtualization Industry Specification Group
Global Semiconductor Alliance
I/O Buffer Information Specification Open Forum
IEEE 1667 Working Group
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group
IEEE Low Power Design (P1801)
IEEE Standards Association
IEEE-ISTO Interconnect Modeling Technical Advisory Board
IEEE-ISTO Liberty Technical Advisory Board
INCITS Task Group T11.2 Fibre Channel physical variants
INCITS Technical Committee T10 SCSI Storage Interfaces
INCITS Technical Committee T11 Fibre Channel Interfaces
INCITS Technical Committee T13 ATA Storage Interface
Institute for Interconnecting & Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC)
International Wireless Industry Consortium (IWPC)
  ITU-Telecommunication Standardization Sector
Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC)
Metro Ethernet Forum
Microelectronics Packaging & Test Engineering Council (MEPTEC)
Non-Volatile Memory Express Work Group (NVMe)
OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture Committee
Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI)
Open Networking Foundation (ONF)
OpenPOWER Foundation
Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)
Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG)
RapidIO Trade Association
SCSI Trade Association
Serial ATA International Organization SATA-IO
Si2 Compact Model Coalition
Si2, Inc. (Silicon Integration Initiative, Si2 Low Power Coalition)
Small Form Factor Committee
SNIA NVM Programming Technical Working Group
SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative (SNIA SSSI)
SSD Form Factor Working Group
Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)
Storage Performance Council (SPC)
Trusted Computing Group (TCG)
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Forum
Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum (USB-IF)