Brocade Time and Materials Support Terms

These Time and Materials (“T&M”) Support Terms (“T&M Terms”) are part of the Brocade Terms and govern the purchase and use of Brocade’s T&M support by Brocade Direct customers (or customers who purchase support directly from Brocade). The T&M Terms do not apply to end customers who purchase support through OEMs and other partners of Brocade. By placing an order for T&M Support that is accepted by Brocade, the partner or customer agrees to be bound by these T&M Terms.

Additional information related to T&M Support, such as descriptions, policies and procedures, may be available on the support pages of

1.  T&M Support Description 
T&M support is provided by Brocade, when available, on a per support case basis. Response times may vary and are not guaranteed.

2.  T&M Pricing 
T&M support is provided at a flat fee of $10,000 per support case, subject to the following: the $10,000 is the minimum fee. Brocade may, before support is provided or at any time including after support has commenced, quote a higher fee based on Brocade’s assessment, at its sole discretion, of the amount of effort (and materials, if applicable) required for the support requested. If the customer does not agree with the higher fee, Brocade will not commence or continue the support. You may be required to provide a credit application.

3.  Additional Expenses
3.1. Any information, details or requested changes provided to Brocade after the quote and/or purchase order are issued may impact the amount quoted and invoiced by Brocade. If the T&M support provided exceeds the minimum or the quoted amount, and/or additional expenses are incurred, a revised quote and associated PO are required.

3.2.  Hardware. If available, hardware components may be purchased at Brocade’s published list price and shipped Next Business Day. Shipping and handling fees are additional.

3.3.  Requests for hardware and software upgrades, modifications, new release and engineering changes will be billed at Brocade’s published list price.

4.  Information Required
In order for Brocade to assess the support requested, detailed information will need to be provided to Brocade including but not limited to:

  • A description of the issue including the severity level
  • The technical environment (production, lab, test)
  • The Brocade products involved (serial number, WWN, or Network/System ID)
  • The hosts/servers, storage, host bus adapters, firmware/operating system and driver versions
  • A complete list of host and storage type

5.  T&M Support Availability 
Availability is subject to change at Brocade’s sole discretion.

5.1.  T&M support is generally available during U.S. business hours Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST) and is not available after business hours, on weekends, or on holidays.

5.2.  Quotes and orders are subject to cancellation at Brocade’s sole discretion.

6.  General

6.1.  Brocade does not provide a “time to site” guarantee for T&M support on hardware replacement requests.

6.2.  Hardware components may not be available in stock at the time of the support request or may no longer be manufactured.

6.3.  Additional terms and conditions and fees may apply if upgrades or additions to the hardware or support contract or reinstatement of a Support Plan is requested.

6.4.  Brocade will not provide T&M support on any products that have reached End of Support (EOS).

6.5.  Brocade will only provide T&M support to the original equipment owner.

Last updated on November 15, 2018