Brocade Trademarks

Brocade Trademark Usage Guidelines for Third-Party Deliverables

Brocade intellectual property rights, including its trademarks, represent an important corporate asset. To help maintain these rights, it is necessary to properly use the Brocade brand name and trademarks. The following guidelines help protect those rights by ensuring consistent use of terminology.

Using Trademarks Properly
Brocade requires that you use trademarks properly in the following manner:

  • Remember that the trademark functions as an adjective in a sentence. Therefore, always use a noun (generic descriptor) immediately following its associated trademark, such as “Brocade® networking solutions” and “Brocade VDX® switches.”
  • Always use the entire trademark if it includes more than one word, such as “Brocade Assurance Limited Lifetime Warranty.”
  • If the trademark is a single word (such as “VCS”), insert “Brocade” before the trademark.

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Rules for Brocade Trademark Symbol Usage
The following sections explain the requirements for using legends that provide legal protection for Brocade and its IP assets. Brocade relies upon U.S. and foreign registrations and common law (unregistered) rights to protect its trademarks. Brocade uses the appropriate symbols to indicate the status of its trademarks.

In the case of registered marks, you should acknowledge them and indicate their status by including a registered trademark symbol (®) after the first instance of the trademark within the body copy of a document.

For trademarks that are not registered, use the common law trademark symbol (™) after the first instance of the mark’s use within a document.

Trademark Status
As of the date of these guidelines, you should use the appropriate symbols with the following Brocade trademarks:

ADX®, BigIron®, Brocade®, Brocade Assurance®, Brocade One®, Brocade Workflow Composer™, ClearLink®, CloudPlex™, DCX®, Fabric OS®, Fabric Vision®, FastIron®, HyperEdge®, ICX®, IronView®, MLX®, MyBrocade®, NET Health™, NetIron®, OpenScript®, SAN Health®, ServerIron®, SLX™, The Effortless Network®, The On-Demand Data Center™, TurboIron®, vADX™, VCS®, VDX®, Vplane®, Vyatta®, and Wingspan®

The Brocade B-wing symbol:

Brocade B-Wing Logo

The Brocade B-wing symbol locked up with the Brocade wordmark (the Brocade logo):

Brocade Logo

Company Name Usage
Although the full legal company name is “Brocade Communications Systems LLC,” it should appear in non-legal documents as “Brocade.”

Additional usage rules for the company name include:

  1. Do not use any other combination such as “Brocade Communications” or “Brocade Systems.”
  2. The company name “Brocade” should never appear in all capital letters except in the approved logo.
  3. Do not use the logotype version of the word BROCADE in text or copy. The logotype should appear only with the B-wing symbol.

Last updated on December 9, 2016