NetXtreme® Ethernet Solutions for Dell

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Broadcom's NetXtreme™ technology is powering Dell's Ethernet I/O in its PowerEdge servers, allowing for maximized performance, efficiency and scalability. Broadcom's Ethernet adapters combine media access controllers (MACs) and physical layer transceivers (PHYs) for integrated one-chip solutions.


  • Enables IT managers to maximize performance, efficiency and scalability of Dell servers
  • Adapters incorporate Broadcom-based MACs and PHYs, providing integrated single-chip solutions
  • PCI Express® (PCIe™)
  • Full line-rate performance across all ports
  • Broad OS and hypervisor support
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)**


Powered By Broadcom NetXtreme® Technology

Server Platform Photo Description Product Details Product Briefs
Rack & Tower Servers (NICs) netxtreme_ethernet_BCM5720brackets Broadcom 5720 Dual-Port 1GbE Network Interface Card
  • 1 GbE / 2 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4423 (FH)
  • or 430-4424 (LP)
netxtreme_ethernet_BCM5719brackets Broadcom 5719 Quad-Port 1GbE Network Interface Card
  • 1 GbE / 4 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4425 (FH)
  • or 430-4426 (LP)
Rack Servers (Rack NDC) netxtreme_ethernet_BCM5720 Broadcom 5720 Quad-Port 1GbE Rack Network Daughter Card
  • 1 GbE / 4 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4418
Blade Servers (Blade NDC & Mezzanine Cards) netxtreme_ethernet_BCM5719 Broadcom 5719 Quad-Port 1GbE Blade Mezzanine Adapter Card
  • 1 GbE / 4 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4730