Safe and Reliable Isolation Solutions

Avago Technologies is a reliable partner for providing stable, high-performance isolation components. With over 30 years of optocoupler manufacturing experience and consistent delivery of over 200 million units per year, Avago has a solid track record of producing high-quality isolation products (less than 2 parts per million failure rate) to meet a variety of stringent application needs.

As a trusted leader in high-speed, low-voltage and highly integrated optocouplers, Avago effectively leverages its proven technical expertise to deliver market leading isolation products for the world’s top manufacturers.

Key Benefits of Avago's Optocouplers include

  • Reinforced insulation certification per IEC/EN 60747-5-5, providing higher safety certification for isolation products.
  • High reliability to high voltage lifetime test (insulation rating of 5kVrms isolation per UL1577 certification and 1414Vpeak maximum working insulation voltage) to protect machines and operators from high voltage surges.
  • Thick distance through insulation (0.08mm to 1mm) provides better shielding from high voltage.
  • Better protection against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to prevent damage to electronic equipment due to sudden and momentary electric current flows.
  • Signal transmission through light ensures higher immunity against electromagnetic interference.

Key Features

Avago continues to produce a wide portfolio of coupler and solid state relay (SSR) product lines that effectively deliver isolation protection for different industrial, commercial and consumer needs.

Digital Optocoupler
  • Multi-channel (1, 2, 3, 4-ch)
  • Dual supply voltages (3.3V/5V)
  • Up to 50MBd
  • Low propagation delay, tp (<22ns)
  • Low pulse width distortion, PWD (<2ns)
  • Wide temperature (-40ºC to 105ºC)
  • Low power (<1mA/ch)
  • Up to 5kV isolation voltage
Automotive Optocoupler
  • Wide temperature (-40ºC to 125ºC)
  • AECQ100 certification
  • Double wire-bond
Gate Drive
  • World's first built-in miller clamp, de-saturation, under-voltage lock-up (UVLO) feature
  • High max working insulation voltage (1414Vpeak)
Current Sense
  • High linearity
  • Low offset voltage
  • High accuracy
  • Digital/analog output
  • Direct interface to microcontroller
  • High linearity (0.01% typ)
  • Wide bandwidth (17MHz typ)
Solid State Relay
  • Industry's first highest reinforced insulation in SO-4 package (3.75kVrms/1Min)
  • Fast switching speed
  • Qualify performance over - 40ºC to +85ºC
  • AC and DC input
  • Multi-channel (1, 2, 4-ch)

NOTE: Please refer to datasheet for detailed information.

Key Product Innovations

Avago Technologies builds products that effectively address the specialized needs of critical isolation applications. As application requirements change, Avago innovates with highly dependable optocouplers that support lower power, greater design ease and faster performance. The company focuses its extensive expertise in electrical isolation to deliver safe and reliable products that continue to evolve and are specifically designed for demanding operating environment applications.


Avago's HCPL-070A is an example of innovative use of low power consumption with an 0.125mA average current for a 50% duty cycle signal transmission.

At 100kBd, the HCPL-070A delivers a minimum IF of 0.04mA/ch, while IDDL is 0.2mA/ch max, IDDH is rated at 0.01mA/ch max.

The amount of current consumed per channel by the optocoupler = (50%* Ion + 50% *Ioff); = (50%*0.24mA + 50%*0.01mA); = 0.125mA max.


i. CMOS input and CMOS output with dual supply voltages (3.3V/5V) eliminate the need of input limiting and output pull-up resistors.


ii. Integrating multiple channels (1, 2, 3 & 4-ch) in one package to save board space


No of Channel per Package 1-ch 2-ch 3-ch 4-ch
Part number ACPL-W302
ACSL-63xx ACSL-64xx

iii. Multiple packages to support up to 1414Vpeak maximum working voltage


Creepage/ Clearance <5mm > 7mm 8mm > 9mm
Package SO-5 / SO-8 ACPL-Pxxx/
ACPL-Kxxx (SS08) /
ACPL-Wxxx (SS06)
HCNW (Widebody)
Isolation Voltage
/per 1 min
3750V 5000V 5000V 5000V
Maximum Working Voltage (Viorm) 560Vpeak 630Vpeak 630Vpeak 1414Vpeak


High speed digital optocoupler transmits data rate up to 50MBd with low pulse width distortion (2ns min), low propagation delay (22ns max) and Reinforced Insulation Certification. The following diagrams show eye diagrams of the high-performance, highly reliable ACPL-072L powering at 25MBd data rate, at room temperature and at 105ºC.


Leveraging its extensive expertise in LED technology, Avago tests light-output (LOP) degradation under accelerated conditions to provide designers with information on the expected operating lifetime of its optocouplers. Input driver ICs in Avago's optocouplers set the proper input forward current (If) to guardband for expected LED LOP degradation over the life of the optocoupler. (Examples are the ACPL-072L and ACPL-772L.)

Avago has rigorously tested LED degradation in its optocouplers for continuous operation of at least 10 k hours. The following figure shows typical GaAsP LED LOP vs. If at zero hours and at 10 k hours of continuous operation over 125°C, If = 20 mA. As actual operating conditions are better (lower temperature and lower If) than under Avago's tested stress conditions, the LED operating shell life will be much longer. For more information, please refer to the Optocoupler Designer's Guide.Optocoupler Designer's Guide