Digital Front End Processor

Broadcom's BCM51030 provides a single-chip solution with the full functionality of a digital front end (DFE) platform for wireless base station radio applications. With VersaLine™ Digital-Pre-Distortion technology, BCM51030 devices adapt in real time to linearize any type or combination of signals (2G, 3G, and 4G) on any type of power amplifier (AB, Doherty, Envelope Tracking) and on any power amplifier transistor technology (including LDMOS, GaS, GaN) while supporting the widest bandwidth in the industry. The BCM51030 CFR and DPD Tx functions enable higher-power amplifier (PA) output through added efficiency with minimal backoff while still meeting spectral mask and EVM requirements.

Broadcom Universal DFE technology increases flexibility and improves time to market to address new market opportunities and significantly lowers total cost of ownership for next generation wireless infrastructure solutions. Support for wider bandwidths enables operators to support fragmented spectrum with a single remote radio head, or even sharing infrastructure between operators.

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  • Self-contained DFE with DUC, DDC, CFR, and DPD base-station functions
  • Four-channel and two-channel devices for MIMO and active antenna applications
  • Superior linearization that is air interface and power amplifier agnostic