With a pure digital CMOS approach and excellent blocking performance, Broadcom's Bluetooth® chipsets and system solutions provide the technology to make wireless personal area networking a reality. Providing radio frequency, baseband, system and complete software support to OEMs and system integrators, Broadcom's Bluetooth chips enable the wireless sharing of data among scores of electronic devices, from mobile phones and wireless stereo headsets to PDAs and automobiles.

Bluetooth EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)

With the latest advances in Bluetooth EDR, we make extreme data rates possible. Move data up to three times faster than with previous Bluetooth solutions, using less power and increasing battery life on mobile devices. Power your solution with Broadcom Bluetooth EDR chips today.

Bluetooth RF Silicon Solutions; Bluetooth Software Solutions

Make Bluetooth wireless connectivity a reality with Broadcom's Bluetooth silicon and Bluetooth software solutions. Broadcom's Blutonium® RF silicon offers customers significant cost, performance and integration advantages. Broadcom's Widcomm® software offers customers the most widely deployed, easily ported, and most proven Bluetooth software stack available, featuring broad application support for quick time to market with easy to use Bluetooth products.

Broadcom makes it easy and cost effective to integrate Bluetooth chips and Bluetooth silicon capabilities into mobile handsets, wireless headsets, personal computers, computer mouse and keyboard devices, PDAs, game controllers, automobiles and industrial equipment.