IPTV Solutions

Broadcom's hybrid IP set-top box (STB) solutions enable manufacturers to develop a complete range of single and multi-room IPTV solutions. Select from a number of highly integrated solutions to build hybrid IP set-top boxes that deliver multimedia services over IP based networks from basic standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) download and play, to streaming video-on-demand (VoD), Web browsing and widget support for whole-home digital video recorder (DVR) and other advanced media sharing applications. Leveraging Broadcom's proven track record and market leadership in set-top box technologies, Broadcom's IPTV family enables solution providers to tailor a wide range of services with Broadcom-enabled IPTV platforms. Broadcom's hybrid IPTV solutions deliver complementary, streamlined feature sets for mid-range and thin client applications, supporting single or multi-room TV delivery and distribution. With both media server and thin client devices using Broadcom's chip family, STB manufacturers can leverage a common hardware and software architecture, accelerating time-to-market for multi-room solutions.