Power over Ethernet Products

Broadcom is actively involved in furthering Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and provides a product suite in support of this standard. PoE is a LAN technology that provides DC power over twisted pair Ethernet cables to powered devices (PDs) within enterprise, small business or home networks. Originally developed to power IP telephones, the approved IEEE 802.3at standard enables scalable and manageable delivery of 30 watts to Voice over IP (VoIP), wireless access points, IP network cameras, and a variety of emerging devices in locations where AC power outlets are absent or inconvenient. Broadcom has also developed a unique PoE solution that can be used in conjunction with the BroadR-Reach® PHYs to extend the reach of PoE to 500m. Additionally, the solution can be used on a single twisted pair so that PoE, Ethernet and IP services can be deployed over installed telephone wiring.