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The BCM3228 is a highly integrated DOCSIS® 3.0 CMTS upstream and downstream MAC chip for use in C‑DOCSIS Coax Media Converter products. Based on cost-effective hardware processing engines, the BCM3228 provides a powerful yet cost-effective solution. With hardware support for upstream single-channel and bonded traffic, as well as downstream single-channel, bonded, and multicast traffic at advanced physical layer data rates, the BCM3228 serves as the heart of a next-generation C‑DOCSIS CMC.

In the upstream direction, the BCM3228 performs packet reassembly for bonded traffic, fragment reassembly, deconcatenation, payload header expansion, upstream MIB statistics gathering, and priority queuing for the resultant packets. In the downstream direction, the BCM3228 performs queue management, rate shaping, 2.0 and 3.0 packet scheduling, multicast replication, DOCSIS header creation, DOCSIS MPEG-2 convergence layer, and sync insertion. The BCM3228 is responsible for DOCSIS management and sends and receives encapsulated MAC management messages over the 10G SFI interface.


  • The Broadcom BCM3228 is a C-DOCSIS upstream and downstream chip for Coax Media Converter (CMC) equipment used in broadband cable networks
  • Support for up to 10 physical upstream channels and 32 physical downstream channels
  • Packet port architectures utilize a 10G to EPON Optical Network Unit (ONU) interface and allow for full line-rate forwarding between coax and optical domains
  • Supports a seamless interface to the BCM3150 10 x 32 C-DOCSIS transceiver
  • 10 Gb SFI interface to the host management processor provides a seamless flow of OAM, control, and monitoring data for host processing
  • Support for junction temperature of 0° to 85° C


  •  A high-performance, integrated solution for transmission of data, video, and telephony applications over cable networks serving multiple dwelling units (MDUs)
  • Hardware support for MAC layer per-packet functions, such as bonding reassembly, fragmentation, and concatenation that offload the system CPU giving higher overall system performance
  • Provides DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS 2.0/3.0-compliant CPE operation for use in Coax Media Converter (CMC) equipment floor space requirements
  • Enables advanced digital services over narrow RF channels
  • Faster line rates enable advanced data services over cable without stranding deployed equipment
  • Packet port architecture allows for full line-rate performance between hardware-based upstream and downstream packet processors and EPON
  • All provisioning is in-band over the 10G SFI port and carried over UDP/IP
  • Support for temperatures in the range – 40 to +85 degrees Celsius

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