DOCSIS® 3.1 Remote MAC-PHY Media Access Control Chip

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The BCM3229 is a highly integrated DOCSIS® 3.1 CMTS MAC IC for use in DOCSIS 3.1 CMTS or CCAP products. The BCM3229 provides a powerful yet cost-effective solution for Remote MAC-PHY CMTS/CCAP architectures. The Upstream Core performs packet reassembly for bonded traffic, DES and AES decryption, fragment reassembly, deconcatenation, and upstream MIB statistic gathering. The Downstream Core supports flexible queuing, shaping, scheduling, and bonding of up to 2048 traffic flows between legacy QAM and DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM channels.

The BCM3229 network interfaces support connectivity for transporting packets to and from an L2/L3 aggregation device or WAN port, a BCM316X PHY, and a network packet processor. The BCM3229 features dual 10G XAUI interfaces available for connection to a network packet processor, dual 10G XFI interfaces for connection to a BCM316X PHY, and dual 10G XFI interfaces for connection to WAN ports, L2/L3 aggregation devices, or a port mirror.

All configuration and management of the BCM3229 and BCM316X is done via the external network packet processor. A single BCM3229 supports the processing of up to 4 Gb/s upstream and 10 Gb/s downstream capacity of DOCSIS cable plant channels.


  • Advanced packet-bonding capability support for up to 4 Gb/s upstream
  • Queuing, QoS, and bonding support for 2048 downstream flows
  • 10G Ethernet PHY-layer interfaces that provide a high-throughput nonblocking connection to L2/L3 aggregator, BCM316X PHY, and network processor
  • Full upstream DOCSIS framing, including baseline privacy with DES/AES
  • Seamless interface to BCM316X DOCSIS 3.1 PHY
  • Supported die temperature range of 0°C to +100°C

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Universal OLT PON MAC


10G XPON Fiber Home Gateway SoC


Gigabit-class DSL Device for Multi-service, Multimedia Home Gateways