SD MPEG2 Cable System on Chip (SoC) with USB DVR

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The Broadcom BCM7013 is a highly integrated, low-power solution combining the functionality of a complete standard definition MPEG 2 cable Set-top Box (STB) with USB Digital Video Recorder (DVR) on a single chip.
Broadcom’s BCM7013 provides DVB-C QAM signal reception with functionality targeted at standard definition Cable Zapper with USB Digital Video Recording (DVR) and basic interactive applications. This all-silicon solution minimizes part count and provides ease of manufacturing. The comprehensive integration of the 866-MHz cable tuner, demodulator, Analog-to-digital Converters (ADCs) and Digital-to-analog Converters (DACs) simplifies system design and cost, and has direct interfaces to all other system components, including serial Flash (SPI), tuner (I2C), push buttons, USB, Ethernet and an infrared demodulator.


  • Ultra-low-cost integrated DVB-C tuner, demodulator, MPEG2 A/V decoder, regulators controller, A/V outputs and RF modulator
  • Features USB Digital Video Recording and FastRTV® fast channel change technology
  • Adaptive volume leveling support automatically maintains constant volume across commercial, program and channel changes
  • Integrated third-generation silicon tuner delivers exceptional RF performance
  • Two-layer reference design achieves a size of only 4x2.5 inches


  • Set-Top Boxes

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