High-Definition 1080p Mobile Multimedia Processor

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Broadcom’s BCM2763 multimedia processor enables high performance in several key areas, enabling handset OEMs to add innovative functionality to their next-generation products.
Consumers are increasingly using cell phones as their primary digital camera and camcorder, which is driving demand for higher resolution and more sophisticated image processing — technologies typically available only on advanced standalone camcorders and cameras. Additionally, newer graphics-oriented user interfaces and mobile games now require enhanced graphics capabilities. The Broadcom BCM2763 multimedia processor enables best-in-class performance in several key areas, enabling handset manufacturers to add innovative functionality to their next-generation products.


  • Full high-definition 1080p camcorder capabilities in a cell phone with significantly improved quality over handsets that have VGA or lower resolution camcorders
  • Up to 20 megapixel digital camera with advanced features such as multiple shots per second, image stabilization, face and smile detection, and panorama mode
  • Ability to render mobile games natively at up to 1080p resolution, which in combination with an on-board HDMI output allows a console-quality gaming experience on large-screen HDTVs
  • 20 to 50 percent power reduction compared with the prior-generation VideoCore® III multimedia processor
  • Four to six hours of 1080p video recording and eight to 10 hours of mobile playback, with up to 16 hours of full HD playback over HDMI given sufficient handset storage


  • HDTV

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