Set-top Box Solutions

Broadcom is the worldwide leader in set-top-box SoC solutions for video delivery. With 4K-based designs deploying Ultra High Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, Broadcom set-top-box SoC solutions provide operators and over the top (OTT) content delivery providers with innovative and leading edge set-top-box technology.
Broadcom’s family of set-top-box SoC solutions include a range of video decoder/encoders with embedded streaming processers, cable TV, digital satellite, and terrestrial broadcast tuner/receivers, plus broadband cable modem solutions.
Broadcom set-top-box solutions are used by leading OEMs that provide solutions for leading system operators around the globe.
Broadcom offers free downloads of the open source components powering its cable and set-top box reference software stacks. These open source packages support the BCM7xxx and BCM33xx product lines and are available via Github. 
Download the stbgcc 4.8 
Download the stbgcc 4.5