40 nm Dual ISDB-T Receiver with Integrated Tuner

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Broadcom’s BCM3472 integrates two receivers on a single chip for use in hybrid Set-top Box (STB) and DVR solutions.
Broadcom's BCM3472 fully integrated 40 nm dual ISDB-T receiver chipset is ideal for hybrid Set-top Box and DVR solutions where multiple tuners must be included in the platform. It can be combined with a range of Broadcom STB Systems on a Chip (SoCs) to launch hybrid TV services, which include digital terrestrial broadcast alongside advanced pay-TV services. This enables operators to offer subscribers linear TV while adding advanced services like DVR and Video on Demand (VoD). The BCM3472 features a 12mm x 12mm package to enable a significantly smaller and lower-cost design than existing solutions.


  • Supports ISDB-T and driving migration from current analog TV systems directly to ISDB-T
  • Integrates two receivers that include Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) together with a tuner and demodulator on a single chip that enables better cost and design efficiencies
  • Stand-alone LNA + tuner + demodulator
  • RF loop through, daisy chain and clock sharing that eliminates the need for multiple crystals in a multituner design 
  • By supporting Dual ISDB-T Receivers, Broadcom’s solution is ideal for hybrid STB and DVR solutions where multiple tuners must be included in the platform
  • Supports the following ISDB-T standards: ARIB/SBTVD, other regional specs
  • Supports the following DVB-T standards: ETSI EN 300-744, NorDig, D-Book, E-Book, other regional specs


  • Set-Top Boxes

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