DVB-S2 Advanced Modulation Satellite Receiver

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Broadcom’s BCM4505 is a fully integrated dual satellite receiver single-chip solution targeted at multituner advanced modulation satellite receiver systems.
The BCM4505 integrates a CMOS tuner and advanced modulation decoder supporting DVB-S2 Broadcast, DVB-S, DIRECTV and 8PSK Turbo applications. The highly integrated tuner section is based on existing Broadcom technologies and a direct-conversion technology to reduce external components and increase performance. The BCM4505 is designed to support the full 1-45 Msps DVB operating range with support for 250 to 2150 MHz input frequencies.


  • Dual direct conversion satellite tuners in standard CMOS process that supports QPSK and 8PSK demodulation with input frequency ranges from 250 to 2150 MHz and integrated 8-bit A/D converters
  • Integrated advanced demodulation decoder supports DVB-S2 Broadcast, DVB-S, 8PSK Turbo
  • Highly integrated, cost-effective front-end solution for advanced modulation satellite systems in a single package
  • Ideal for next-generation PVR satellite systems and home media centers supporting DVB-S2 Broadcast while maintaining backward-compatible support for DVB-S Not Recommended for New Design transmissions.


  • Set-Top Boxes

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