Dual HD Digital Video System-on-Chip Solution for Cable, Satellite and DTV

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The BCM7038 is an advanced dual-channel HD video/audio/graphics and personal video recording (PVR) chip that enables manufacturers to economically incorporate high-quality HDTV capability and PVR features into digital televisions, cable Set-top Boxes (STBs), satellite receivers and HD-DVD players.
Broadcom’s BCM7038 dual video/audio channels simultaneously support dual televisions, with independent picture-in-picture support on main and secondary. Advanced video and graphics features, such as on-chip 3D Y/C separation circuit multiframe deinterlacing, and quad video scalars with single-pass processing, significantly improve the HD picture quality by removing unwanted noise and artifacts from the television image.


  • Two complete HD/SD video/audio channels with quad video scalers
  • Multiframe per-pixel motion-adaptive deinterlacer circuit
  • Picture Enhancement Processing (PEP) for DTV
  • 3D Y/C comb separation circuit for analog video decode
  • Triple PVR with copy protection and trick mode support
  • On-chip 300 MHz 64-bit CPU


  • HDTV    
  • Set-Top Boxes    

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