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The BCM7220 is an Over- the-Top (OTT) media player System on a Chip (SoC) with integrated OpenGL ES 2.0 technology.
The BCM7220 is an OTT media player SoC solution that includes OpenGL ES 2.0 support for a rich, on-screen 3D graphical user interface and guide. This chip features a turnkey software platform capable of supporting a wide range of traditional linear TV, such as terrestrial, satellite and cable sources, with streaming content delivered over the Internet.


  • Broadcom's multiapplication, multiprocess and multiframework software architecture 
  • Flexible platform that easily allows for customization while managing multiple applications to ensure optimum utilization of hardware resources.
  • Supported frameworks supported include:
- Web 2.0 — Broadcom Web Application Framework
- Adobe AIR for the Digital Home
- Qt
- Android


  • IPTV

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Market Segment IPTV/OTT


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