5G WiFi Wireless IPTV Set-top Box Platform

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The BCM7241 is a small IPTV Set-top Box System on a Chip (SoC) that integrates full STB capabilities with IEEE 802.11.ac standard Wi-Fi.
The BCM7241 is an SoC that delivers carrier-grade IPTV video content and services throughout the home. It enables carriers to deliver reliable HDTV programming to more devices in the home while delivering dramatic, standards-based, 5G WiFi speed and range improvements. The BCM7241 is designed to provide a powerful solution for multiroom DVR and enables new services such as browsing, gaming and Over the Top (OTT). In addition, this is contained within a small IPTV STB design for easy installation and placement anywhere in the home — without wires.


  • 5G WiFi delivers high-capacity, advanced error-correction and interoperable beam-forming technology to significantly improve wireless coverage and eliminate dead spots in a subscriber's home, reducing the instances of costly support calls or truck rolls
  • Full Wi-Fi Display Miracast™ support
  • Integration of STB and wireless chips in an ultra-small-form-factor design
  • Optimized internal antenna design within a compact case that can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • 5000 DMIPS total processing power, 1080p60 decode and OpenGL 2.0
  • Small form factor and wireless capability allow for simple setup and placement anywhere in the home, enabling easy customer install


  • Set-Top Boxes
  • IPTV

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Market Segment IPTV/OTT


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