Single-Chip Satellite Set-Top Box Dual TV Decoder

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Broadcom's BCM7320 decoder chip provides multitelevision or PIP support as well as digital video recording capability in the Dish Player-DVR 522.
Broadcom’s BCM7320 is a highly integrated single-chip direct broadcast satellite Set-top Box (STB) decoder that incorporates dual QPSK receivers, an MPEG-2 A/V decoder, MIPS64 CPU and peripherals. The Broadcom 2-D graphics engine incorporated into the chip offers studio-quality text and graphics with efficient use of memory and bandwidth. Personal video recorder capability in the chip offers personal viewing and scheduling, video on demand and VCR "trick mode" effects on both TVs simultaneously.


  • Fully integrated dual QPSK receivers, MPEG-2 A/V decoders, MIPS CPU and peripherals
  • Dual Broadcom 2D graphics engines
  • Personal video recording capability
  • Supports DIRECTV and MPEG transport streams
  • 250 MHz MIPS64 CPU core
  • 454 PBGA package


  • Set-Top Boxes

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MoCA 2.0-enabled STB SoC


MoCA 2.0-enabled STB SoC


Ultra Low Power Dual-Band 802.11n Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.2 Combo Chip