Single-Chip Satellite Set-Top Box Dual TV Decoder with Integrated 8PSK

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Broadcom's BCM7328 is a dual decode/dual TV Set-top Box System on a Chip.
Broadcom’s BCM7328 is the second generation of Broadcom's dual decode/Dual TV Set-top Box System on a Chip. The BCM7328 integrates Broadcom's field-proven BCM4500 8PSK/TC Demodulator technology, as well as technology derived from Broadcom's cable products (such as the BCM7115 cable single-chip). The BCM7328 memory subsystem is a Unified Memory Architecture (UMA), utilizing a 150-MHz Double Data Rate (DDR) memory interface that supports either 16-bit or 32-bit wide, depending on required system performance.


  • Dual on-chip 8PSK/ Turbo Code Demodulators 1-45 Mbaud variable-rate receiver and DVB/DIRECTV®/Digicipher II-compliant FEC decoder
  • Support for DirecTV and MPEG transport streams
  • Provides a cost-effective solution for dual decode, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) applications
  • Fully integrated dual 8PSK/ TC receivers, MPEG2 A/V decoder, MIPS CPU and peripherals for complete Set-top Box system


  • Direct Broadcast Satellite 
  • Set-Top Boxes

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MoCA 2.0-enabled STB SoC


MoCA 2.0-enabled STB SoC


HD Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) SoC