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Broadcom’s BCM7574 is a 40 nm EZ-HD Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) solution.
Broadcom's BCM7574 integrated DTA System on a Chip (SoC) helps operators transition directly from analog to all-digital basic high-definition cable TV services. The SoC increases system performance by 200 percent and achieves low power consumption with standby modes and fast "wake-up" speeds.


  • Integrated power management controller lowers system standby power to less than 100 mW and enables DTA systems to reduce average power consumption by up to 65 percent
  •  Supports Energy Star requirements
  •  FastRTV® fast channel change technology accelerates channel changes
  •  CALM Act Volume Leveling Support: Commercial Advertisement Level Mitigation (CALM) maintains constant volume across commercial, program and channel changes


  • Set-Top Boxes

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