High-Performance Multimode Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

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The BCM63158 is a high-performance single-chip DSL/GPON/AE smart home gateway device supporting tri-band Wi-Fi with G.fast (up to 212 MHz single line or 106 MHz bonded), A/VDSL (up to 35b bonded), 2.5G GPON, and AE (up to 2.5G). It supports a selection of LAN ports out of the available 5x GE PHYs, 1xHSGMII, and 3x RGMII physical LAN interfaces.

The BCM63158 supports offloaded small packet WAN<->LAN routing concurrent with multi-port Ethernet switching, L3 packet processing, tri-band concurrent IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n wireless networking (via PCIe), NAS (via USB3.1 Gen1 and SATA), and muti-line Voice-over-IP (VoIP) processing.

Built around a 1.5GHz multi-core CPU (15k DMIPS) with an additional high performance packet processing/offload engine, the BCM63158 is architected to support the high-speed demands of tri-band 802.11ax wireless home networking with Broadcom’s BCM43684 WLAN chipset, multi-Gigabit Ethernet data rates, VoIP and network attached storage. An advanced, secure, container-based software architecture ensures an extensible solution with extended product deployment lifecycles.


  • Integrated multimode ADSL2/VDSL2/VDSL2+/G.fast transceivers and AFEs
  • Seamless fallback from G.fast to xDSL
  • 2-line 106MHz G.fast bonding or 2-line 35b VDSL bonding
  • Single line support up to 212MHz G.fast profile
  • Packet off-load engine to offload packet processing and WLAN data from host CPU
  • Multi-line VoIP
  • Tri-band WLAN support


  • Smart Home DSL Gateways/IADs
  • GPON Home Gateways/IADs


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