Entry-Level ADSL Router and Gateway SoC for Emerging Markets

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The BCM6318 is an ADSL solution featuring a simple design and small memory to enable meaningful cost efficiencies.
The BCM6318 enables sophisticated yet cost-effective gateway products. With small memory support, the ninth-generation Broadcom BCM6318 ADSL2+ gateway complements Broadcom's existing xDSL product lines by offering an ultra-low-cost solution for entry-level products. It supports a home LAN environment with a variety of connectivity options for emerging markets.


  • Enables service providers to leverage Broadcom's turnkey software offering across a wide range of xDSL solutions
  • Multiple Ethernet ports coupled with expansion ports to enable USB 2.0
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enabling a powerful home networking experience for the entry-level market segment of a service provider's connectivity offering


  • Home Gateways 

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Gigabit DOCSIS Cable Gateway Device