Multirate 10G/1G EPON Optical Network Unit with L3-Aware Switching and Traffic Management

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10 Gigabit (10G) Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) optical network unit (ONU) system-on-a-chip (SoC).
Designed specifically to address the high-speed connectivity requirements of converging triple-play services (video-on-demand, HD-IPTV, voice over IP and high-speed Internet), together with 3G/4G mobile backhaul and business services, the 10 Gigabit per second (Gb/s) BCM55030 SoC solution delivers ten times more bandwidth than current 1G EPON solutions. The BCM55030 is an IEEE 802.3av-compliant 10G-EPON ONU device supporting a 10G-EPON MAC, an integrated EPON SerDes, and four 10/100/1000 SGMII ports, all offered in an ultra low power and low-pin-count package. The BCM55030 supports both 10G and 1G upstream, so it can be used for both 10G/1G asymmetric and 10G/10G symmetric ONU designs. By leveraging Broadcom's industry-leading support for multiple logical link identifiers per ONU and superior quality of service (QoS) feature set, the BCM55030 is capable of managing simultaneous transport of traffic from residences alongside mission-critical business services and cell tower backhaul services, all over a common infrastructure. This means time-sensitive mobile backhaul traffic and synchronization data may share the network with video, voice, and Internet data, without added delays, data loss, or QoS degradation, making it an ideal solution for OEMs and service providers serving dense urban areas.


  • Delivers Broadcom's highest EPON ONU integration, including a 10 Gb/s media access controller, 10 Gb/s EPON serializers/deserializers and forward error correction, a four-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, line rate packet classification and traffic management, and on-chip memory for both CPU and packet buffers, resulting in no external memory components.
  • The device is fully compliant with the new IEEE 802.3av 10G EPON standard including support for 10G EPON and 1G EPON co-existence on the same fiber. The chip supports both 10G/10G symmetric and 10G/1G asymmetric modes of operation The device supports Broadcom's 2.5G TURBO-EPON® in addition to both standard 1G and 10G modes
  • Supports 16 logical links per chip, enabling the ONU to perform as if it were 16 independent ONUs, and providing consistent performance and service (Service Level Agreements) independent of network traffic and loading. Multiple logical links per ONU is a mandatory requirement in the CableLabs specification
  • Flexible support for reference clock, 1 PPS, and ToD transport, and system integration with Broadcom 1588v2 devices, provides an ideal solution for 3G and 4G mobile base station backhaul networks
  • Feature-rich firmware including IPTV support (IGMP v2/v3), IPv4/v6, VLANs, and QoS policy enforcement, enabling fast time to market of leading edge CPE solutions


  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • IPTV

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Gigabit DOCSIS Cable Gateway Device