Quad Turbo-EPON® (1 or 2 Gb/s) Optical Line Terminal SoC

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*Certain versions of this device are not available for sale in Germany or shipment to or from Germany, and these versions should not be used in any product destined for the German market.
Quad-port Optical Line Terminal (OLT) System-on-a-Chip (SoC) with four dual speed TURBO-EPON® MACs and multiservice traffic management and shaping.
Based on the industry's most popular Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) OLT SoC, Broadcom's TK3723, the third-generation BCM55524 provides substantially higher line-card density, reduced power, and increased integration. Because the BCM55524's API is fully compatible with the TK3723's API, the BCM55524 supports the fastest time-to-market for next generation 1G/2.5G EPON OLT systems. Designed for access networks serving both business and residential subscribers, the BCM55524 provides all the built-in functionality and performance required for OLTs delivering triple-play services. The BCM55524's Turbo-EPON MACs feature a configurable Dynamic Bandwidth Algorithm (DBA) that supports hierarchical fairness for guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts. Fully configurable L2/L3/L4 line rate packet processing allows for advanced classification, filtering, and application monitoring.


  • BCM55524 provides the foundation for 4-port, 8-port, 12-port, and 16-port standalone and chassis 1G/2G EPON OLT systems:
  • Four 1Gb/s IEEE 802.3ah-compliant MACs with 2Gb/s Turbo-EPON TM support
  • Full TK3723 API-compatibility: Fastest Time-to-Market for TK3723 OEMs
  • Smart CPE sleep/power-saving mode. Automatically controls and buffers traffic for sleeping (powered down) ONUs
  • Reduced system BOM cost due to integrated EPON Burst SerDes, SGMII SerDes, DDR3 memory interfaces, and support for booting multiple BCM55524s from a single Flash memory: integration of up to 7 ASSPs and reduction of up to 7 memory devices
  • Traffic Management with per-Queue Shaping: 4,096 queues with up to 512 MB of Packet Buffering. Enables traffic grooming and shaping with per subscriber/per-service Service Level Agreements (SLAs), while supporting multiservice deployment and avoiding head-of-line blocking conditions


  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

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