Application-specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)

Create Deeply Differentiated Systems Using Custom Silicon/ASIC Design

Cloud-based service providers, enterprises, and mobile carriers are investing in new data centers and wired communications and are looking for specialized solutions to provide differentiation and a competitive edge. Custom silicon, also known as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), allows system vendors to create deeply differentiated silicon solutions.

Broadcom has an established history of delivering complex, high-performance ASIC solutions for the wired communications market. With more than three decades of ASIC design experience, a state-of-the art hierarchical design methodology, and an extensive IP portfolio including leading-edge SerDes cores, Broadcom is the industry leader in providing complex ASIC solutions offering significant time-to-market and performance advantages for high-speed computing, networking and storage applications.

Custom Silicon for storage applications allows the creation of silicon devices that are optimized for specific systems without the cost of developing all of the underlying intellectual property (IP). Broadcom Custom Silicon provides the perfect canvas for creating your unique design that integrates embedded logic, memory, SerDes technology, IP cores and the industry’s most popular processor cores including ARM® and PowerPC®.

Take advantage of our rich heritage and experience in delivering standard product and customized ASIC solutions to reduce your time to market.

Custom silicon/ASIC provides:

  • Deeply differentiated silicon solutions that provide system-level performance or power advantages
  • Ability to combine customer intellectual property with Broadcom and third-party IP blocks to create highly integrated solutions
  • Leading-edge process technology for greater density, performance and lower power consumption
  • Advanced packaging options to support system and board requirements