Hard disk drive (HDD) preamplifiers are critical in enabling HDD manufacturers to deliver greater density and capacity. The preamplifier is the first chip to receive data coming from the disk during read operations, and the last to transmit data to be stored during writes. As HDD manufacturers create drives with more platters to contend with massive storage requirements, the number of “channels” – individual signal paths – in the preamp scales accordingly, increasing the preamplifier silicon footprint in HDDs.
When reading, TrueStore® preamplifiers deliver the data signal with maximum fidelity and lowest noise to the HDD SOC, where the digital data is extracted. When writing, preamplifiers condition the signal to maximize the quality of the data written to the disk. TrueStore® preamplifiers also play an important role in managing the head/disk flying height to maximize signal strength while maintaining a high level of reliability.
TrueStore® preamplifiers leverage a common preamplifier design across notebook, desktop, and enterprise hard drives, which reduces customer development costs and time-to-market.