Embedded and Networking Processors

From communications processors that enable a broad range of networking applications to embedded processors that drive consumer multimedia applications, Broadcom leads the industry with a broad range of cutting-edge processor products. Our knowledge-based processors deliver flexibility and scalability to address the needs of a large landscape of networking applications and our secure processors deliver better protection of personal information or sensitive corporate data.

Embedded Processors

With tight integration with best-in-class WLAN and Bluetooth wireless devices, these processors combine audio interfaces and features with a portfolio of audio-related software. Includes the Persona® family of ICE applications processors and wireless audio processors.

Secure Processors

Broadcom's family of secure applications processors delivers better protection of personal information or sensitive corporate data by enabling higher levels of security in computing hardware. Broadcom offers standalone products for business networking applications, Point-of-Sale (PoS), and enterprise computing platforms.

Communications Processors

Processors that deliver superior processing performance and agility needed to simplify Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) deployments. Processors designed to meet the needs of the control plane, NAS, wireless infrastructure, security and access points markets.

Knowledge-Based Processors

Knowledge-based processors (network processors) power search engines and accelerate speed and performance. The Broadcom portfolio of KBPs includes product families that are capable of processing speeds up to 1.5 billion decisions per second.

Multicore Processors

The XLS200 multicore, multithreaded processor series is designed for service provider, data center and home and small business server applications.

Evaluation Boards

Processor evaluation boards designed to provide a vehicle for rapid product evaluation.

Reference Designs

Reference design kits for NAS server and VoIP phone processors.