Communications Processors

Broadcom's family of communications processors features state-of-the-art functions and performance.

The StrataGX™ BCM587xx, BCM586xx, BCM585xx and BCM5301x Series of communications processors are based on powerful 64-bit and 32-bit ARM® CPU cores and are designed to enable higher performance and lower power. They target a broad range of enterprise networking applications, including control plane processing, virtual CPE (vCPE) and ONFV appliances, service routers and gateways, and small and medium business (SMB) networking devices. Broadcom's StrataGX™ SoCs offer server class networking capabilities with virtualization, stateless, and packet processing capabilities.

Broadcom’s StrataGX SoCs are offered with multicore options (single, dual, quad and octal) with operating frequencies of up to 3GHz and in a variety of packages. The StrataGX SoCs are supported by a full software suite based on enterprise network class open source Linux software and are offered pre-integrated with enterprise and service provider switch drivers. The software includes support for open source projects and development models such as KVM, DPDK, and ODP™.