Single-Core 32-bit 600MHz MIPS® Processor with DDR2, PCIe, RGMII and SGMII

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Communication processors designed to deliver leading-edge system-level performance while still being very cost-effective and power-efficient.
Optimized for price/performance, it is designed for next-generation communication applications in switch control and management, Metro Ethernet Customer Premise Equipment, and Enterprise access points. Complete solutions, including processor, switch, PHY and management software, are available for all target applications. Evaluation boards for each target application provide a fast time-to-market platform for system development. At the heart of the processor is the powerful MIPS74K core, capable of running at a maximum frequency of 600 MHz. With a superscalar dual-issue pipeline and out-of-order execution, the processor delivers up to 2 DMIPS/MHz. Furthermore, the BCM53001/BCM53003 features specialized network acceleration hardware, enabling it to offload CPU-intensive processing tasks. The point-to-point interconnect fabric (AXI) ensures there are no performance bottlenecks for on-chip processing.


  • Latest MIPS32® 74K core:
            - Dual-issue machine with out-of-order execution
            - 32-KB I-cache, 32-KB D-cache
            - Supports DSP ASE v2.0
            - BCM53003: 600 MHz (1200 DMIPS)
  •  On-chip network acceleration includes:
            - Support for L2/L3/L4 packet classification
            - ContentAware™ processing based on TCAM technology
            - Traffic Quality of Service (QoS) assignment
  •  Industry-leading price/performance:
            - Powered by superscalar MIPS74K CPU core running at 600 MHz
            - Latest high-speed interfaces such as PCIe™, dual GMACs and DDR2
            - Low-cost benefits of 65 nm LP process technology
  •  Optimized mix of CPU performance and peripherals:
            - Allows high CPU utilization due to balance of interconnect, I/O and memory bandwidth with CPU performance
            - On-chip packet processing allows for significant processing throughput available for other control plane tasks
            - Point-to-point interconnect fabric (AXI) provides high bandwidth and low latency for on-chip processing requirements


  • Home and Small Business Servers (Processors)
  • Carrier and Service Provider Servers (Processors) 
  • Home and Small Business Servers (switching)

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