Single-Core 32-bit MIPS® Control Plane Processor with PCI

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Flexible, low-power, single-chip processor integrates the most requested security features with wirespeed performance, interfaces and processing headroom to meet robust applications such as Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) routers, Small and Medium Business (SMB) routers and switches, residential gateways, wireless access points and VPN firewall appliances.
The BCM5836P integrates an advanced, custom 264-MHz MIPS32® processor core, two 10/100 Ethernet Media Access Controls (MACs) and a high-performance SDRAM controller capable of operating at 133 MHz with either Double Data Rate (DDR) or Single Data Rate (SDR) SDRAM. For advanced security, the BCM5836P integrates an on-chip IP Security (IPSec) acceleration engine that can deliver up to 75 Mb/s of single-pass AES/3DES encryption throughput and supports a broad range of industry-standard security features such as symmetric-key encryption and authentication algorithms including the latest 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Digital Encryption Standard (DES), 3DES, SHA-1, MD5, HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-MD5. These features make this processor an obvious choice for SOHO/SMB networking customers who need both high bandwidth performance and advanced security features such as encryption and user authentication.


  • Highly flexible processor with integrated security ideally suited for residential and small-to-medium business applications
  • Integrated hardware acceleration of popular cryptography algorithms (3DES, AES, DES, SHA-1, and MD5)
  • Versatile single-chip processor with integrated security features, ideal for applications requiring security such as VPN-enabled SOHO routers, VPN-enabled gateway solutions, wireless access points, access devices and VPN firewall appliances
  • BCM5836P features a 264-MHz MIPS® core, high-performance CI interface, USB 1.1, two 10/100 Ethernet MACs, and an Ipsec-enabled core to accelerate computation-intensive cryptography and authentication algorithms


  • Home and Small Business Servers (Processors)
  • Servers
  • Access Points

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