XLP900 Series

XLP® II Processor Family: XLP900 Multicore, Multithreaded, Third-Generation Processor

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Features quad-issue, quad-threading and superior out-of-order execution, enabling platform scalability to 640 NXCPUs to deliver 1.28 Tb/s of performance with memory coherency.
The XLP® II 900 series of processors are highly optimized and ideally suited for the stringent performance, security, efficiency and scalability requirements of service provider, data center and enterprise networks. With quad-issue, quad-threading, advanced out-of-order execution CPU architecture with multichip coherency, the XLP II 900 series is the industry’s first processor solution to deliver over 1 trillion operations per second of compute performance. The flagship processor features end-to-end virtualization, advanced security capabilities such as deep-packet inspection (DPI), and innovative network and application intelligence technology with wire-speed networking and multilayer QoS capabilities.


  • 160 Gb/s application performance, scalable to 1.28 Tb/s
  • Superscalar, quad-issue, CPU pipeline with out-of-order execution, high single-thread performance
  • Tri-level cache subsystem
  • Inter-chip interface (ICI) to connect up to eight XLP II 900-series processors 
  • Full end-to-end hardware virtualization support for the CPU cores, I/Os, hardware accelerators and on-chip interconnects
  • Supports hundreds of virtual machines (VMs), with protected memory, resources and I/Os, supports KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and QEMU (open-sourced Quick EMUlater)
  • Four DDR3 controllers with 68.25 GB/s total bandwidth
  • High-performance 100 Gb/s encryption and authentication, scalable to 800 Gb/s 
  • RSA1K, RSA2K, RSA4K, RSA8K and ECC support
  • High-performance 40 Gb/s deep-packet inspection with grammar processing, scalable to 320 Gb/s
  • RAID5/6 engines with advanced deduplication support
  • Compression/decompression support
  • Optimized Interlaken-LA interface for low-latency KBP
  • Support XLAUI, KR4, XFI, XAUI, RXAUI, HiGig2™, PCIE 3.0, SATA and USB3.0 
  • IEEE 1588 hardware time stamping, SyncE, MACSec, and PFC support
  • Power Gating per Core


  • Carrier and Service Provider Servers (Processors)
  • Data Center Servers (Processors)

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