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XLR532, XLR516 and XLR508 Processors

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The XLP® Processor is a third-generation architectural enhancement to Broadcom's industry-leading Multi-Core, Multi-Threaded XLR® Processor family.
The XLR® 500 series scalable communication processors from Broadcom are designed to address IP networking, VoIP, wireless LAN, 3G wireless, broadband, storage, routing and switching, security and telecommunication applications, along with the growing need to scale OEM's software and hardware investments. Based on Broadcom's throughput-optimized Multi-Core, Multi-Threaded architecture, the XLR532 processor integrates 32 fine-grain threads using eight MIPS64® CPUs, the XLR516 processor integrates 16 fine-grain threads using four MIPS64 CPUs, and the XLR508 processor integrates eight fine-grain threads using two MIPS64 CPUs. All three processors contain three full-speed on-chip interconnects, large multilevel caches, autonomous accelerators, quad memory controllers and other integrated I/Os.


  • 64-bit MIPS64 ISA with enhanced instructions
  • Up to 8 MIPS cores, each 4-way multithreaded
  • Fully cache coherent MOSI protocol
  • High-speed core frequency non-blocking Data Interconnection Ring connects all cores, caches, memory, acceleration engines and I/O
  • Up to 11.6 Gb/s of bulk encryption / decryption
  • Virtual MIPS® mode isolates cores and enables virtualization of unmapped memory regions
  • Quad DDR2 DRAM controllers with nibble error correction


  • Carrier and Service Provider Servers (Processors) 
  • Data Center Servers (Processors)

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