Embedded Processors

Persona® family
Broadcom Persona® ICE applications processorsoffer a high level of system integrations and outstanding performance for a variety of applications such as IP phones, residential VoIP gateways, media terminal adapters (MTA), connected multimedia players, video cameras and video conferencing.

The Persona ICE (Information Connectivity Entertainment) applications processor family integrates graphics engines as well as audio and video co-processors for a superior multimediaexperience, while maintaining low power consumption. The unique multi-engine architecture of these processors ensures that the ARM cores remain free to handle user-specific software applications.

The low power design of Persona processors makes them suitable for battery powered applications such as WiFi phones or portable conferencing units. Persona processors run Broadcom’s field hardened MediaxChange and PhonexChange software suites, enabling the rapid development of a wide variety of connected multimedia platforms for the home and the office.

Wireless Audio Processors
This family of one, two, and four core processors can be found in some of the leading streaming audio products in the market. Each processor is accompanied by a Linux-based audio software stack enabling key audio technologies such as multi-room and multi-channel playback, speaker synchronization, voice input, mesh technologies and more. Drawing on capabilities from Broadcom’s VOIP, security, and networking products and adding audio specific interfaces, these processors are an ideal building block for the fast growing wireless audio market. With Gigabit Ethernet built directly into the processor and driver integration with leading wireless devices, the StrataGX family stands out for its compatibility with best-selling cell phones and routers using related Broadcom communication products.