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VoIP processor that offers a high level of system integration, performance and features for Ethernet residential gateway and stand-alone media terminal adapter applications.
The BCM1111 is a highly integrated VoIP processor based on a MIPS32® 300 MHz enhanced processor core (600-DMIPS). Voice on MIPS® technology eliminates the need for a separate DSP for VoIP applications. This enhanced processor core utilizes advanced instruction sets, two single-cycle multiply and accumulate engines, and optimized memory structures to deliver high-level performance on complex vocoders. Also integrated are dual analog codecs, two 10/100 Ethernet MACs, one 10/100 PHY and a 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI/CardBus interface.


  • The BCM1111 is a highly integrated silicon solution for Ethernet residential gateway, stand-alone media terminal adapter and wireless router terminal adapter applications.
  • 300 MHz MIPS32® CPU (600 DMIPS) with VoIP optimized instruction set and large independent data and instruction caches.
  • Full SIP client implementation for RFC 3261
  • Supports G.711, G.726 and G.729A voice codecs


  • IP Telephones
  • Stand-Alone Media Terminal Adapters

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