Persona® Presence HD Multimedia Coprocessor

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Broadcom’s BCM11181 provides high-performance, high-quality multimedia features for consumer and enterprise Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephones and Service-over-IP (SoIP) products, network-connected digital picture frames and similar advanced multimedia products.
The BCM11181 low-power design enables green desktop product designs as well as portable battery-powered products. The BCM11181, coupled with the BCM11107 VoIP IP communications processor and Broadcom's PhonexChange™ IP communications software, yields an ideal solution for providing advanced HD-quality multimedia and graphical user interface features for next-generation carrier-grade consumer SoIP products and video-capable enterprise VoIP products. A single BCM11181 can support HD video playback or video conferencing at up to WVGA resolutions. Adding an additional BCM11181 coprocessor enables high-definition video conferencing.


  • Coprocessor for IP communications applications
  • The BCM11181, coupled with the BCM11107 IP communications processor and PhonexChange voice, video and multimedia software enables:
  • - H.264, 30fps, WVGA (bi-directional) video phones
  • - H.264, 30fps, HD (720p) (bi-directional) personal telepresence video phones (requires two BCM11181s)
  • High-definition video (720p) H.264 encode and decode, both High Profile, at 30 fps
  • - Supports all major video compression algorithms, including H.263, MPEG-4/2/1 and VC-1
  • - Supports full-duplex H.264, H.263 and MPEG-4 video at WVGA resolution
  • - Direct TV Connect with HDTV via HDMI with HD content protection (HDCP) and component video, S-Video and composite video
  • Image processing power to support compelling image and video display, including 3D transitions and graphics
  • Rich and immersive user interface acceleration with 3D menu features


  • Personal Telepresence Devices

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