Wi-Fi VoIP Processor

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VoIP processor offers a high level of system integration, performance and features for wireless IP phone handsets.
The chip architecture was designed specifically with low power and small footprint in mind for wireless handheld applications. The BCM1161 is a highly integrated mobile VoIP processor based on an ARM9™ CPU architecture and integrated analog voice band codec. The device integrates all phone peripherals such as keyscan and USB 2.0, as well as an external memory interface supporting NOR or NAND Flash and SRAM or SDRAM. Also included are interface functions and drivers to enable auxiliary components, such as microphone and speaker, to connect directly to the BCM1161 device.


  • ARM926EJ core at 156 MHz with 8 KB I/D caches
  •  Integrated analog voice band codec with direct microphone and high-output speaker interface
  •  VoIP Software Suite PhonexChange™ with adaptive jitter buffer, echo cancellation and G.711, G.729A/AB, G.726, G.722, G.723.1, AMR, BV32 voice codecs
  •  Broadcom Technology Advancements include BroadRange® SecureEasySetup® and BroadVoice®


  • Wi-Fi Video Phone

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