XLS400 Series

XLS416, XLS408, XLS408Lite, XLS404 and XLS404Lite Multi-Core, Multi-Threaded Processors

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Multicore, multithreaded processors with integrated Serial RapidIO interface support and IEEE1588-compliant Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) controller, making it an ideal solution for next-generation wireless designs.
"The XLS® 400 Series processors provide system designers with pin-compatible upgradeability from within the series. The XLS processor family leverages the original XLR® processor series performance, scalability and innovation while extending software compatibility throughout both product families and addressing applications where Printed Circuit Board (PCB) real estate and power are premiums. The XLS 400 Series processors support a rich set of features and integration with unprecedented power/performance for embedded communication and telecommunication, enterprise wireless and wired-line LAN, and Small-and-Medium Business (SMB) networking applications. These solutions include 3G/WiMAX/LTE base stations, integrated security appliances, wireless Access Points and switches, ATCA and AMC service cards, secured wire-line routers and switches, telecom media gateways, radio controllers and network signaling equipment. The Lite version excludes support of the compression engine, SRIO and 1588. The XLS400 Series includes:
XLS416 with 16 virtual CPUs
XLS408 and XLS408Lite with 8 virtual CPUs
XLS404 and XLS404Lite with 4 virtual CPUs"


  • 64-bit MIPS64 ISA with enhanced instructions
  • Up to four cores - each four-way multithreaded
  • Fine-grain processing of up to 16 threads
  • Fully cache-coherent MOSI Protocol
  • Connects all cores, caches, I/O and processing agents
  • Up to 2.5Gb/s of bulk encryption/decryption
  • IEEE1588-compliant Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) controller
  • Virtual MIPS Mode isolates cores and enables virtualization of unmapped memory regions


  • Carrier and Service Provider Servers (Processors)
  • Data Center Servers (Processors)
  • Home and Small Business Servers (Processors)

Lifecycle Status


Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
SerDes / GPHY
I/O Bandwidth (Gbps)
Bandwidth UOM
PHY Type 100GE
I/O Controller
Bus Interface
Transfer Rates
External Memory Interfaces
ASIC 57304
Link-Speeds 50/40/25/10Gb
Ports 2
TruFlow™ Yes
TruManage™ Yes
Smart Congestion Control No
RoCEv2 No
Multi-Host No
Smart NICs No

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