Network-Attached Storage Media Server Reference Design Kit

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Production-ready platform addressing the low-to-mid-range SMB NAS and Home NAS media server market segments. With outstanding networking performance, a rich feature set and a variety of interfaces, the Broadcom NAS Media Server Design Kit allows customers to quickly adopt a multithreaded solution for today's storage demands and beyond.
The NAS Media Server Reference Design Kit comes with a fully featured SDK equipped with Broadcom boot loader, Linux 2.6.xx RAID enabled, Web-based configuration GUI (evaluation only) and complete development tool kit (compiler, debugger etc.). It also provides sample code and GUI. Broadcom supports the industry-standard GNU compiler tool chain with an XLS®-optimized GCC compiler and a MIPS cross-compile tool chain for x86 Linux. Broadcom also provides an optional Linux-based XLS Debugger (compiler, linker and debugger).


  • XLS108 Processor supports up to eight virtual CPUs
  • The Network Attached Storage (NAS) board layout is also pin-compatible with other 100-series, 200-series and 400-series XLS® Processors
  • One GbE port (TS enabled)
  • One USB2.0 host port
  • One RS232 DB9 UART
  • Two SATA ports
  • EJTAG port
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi support
  • 256 MB of single-channel 533 MHz DDR2 RAM
  • Power-on and disk activity LEDs
  • On-board temperature sensors for case and CPU


  • Carrier and Service Provider Servers (Processors)
  • Data Center Servers (Processors)
  • Home and Small Business Servers (Processors)

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NL/NLA12000 Family

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