BCM589X Family

Secure Applications Processor

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Highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) devices designed for consumer electronic and secure payment (POS) applications.
The products combines BroadSAFE™ PCI-compliant secure processing capabilities with an ARM11(R) CPU,  multimedia, and networking into a single chip SoC solution. The BCM5891/5892/5893 family has advanced security features, including Secure Processing Architecture (SPA) that enforces a security boundary between secure and open applications within the device. The secure mode provides an environment where only trusted application code can be executed. The BCM589X can simultaneously operate in both secure and open mode without compromising the integrity of the secure application.  The family comes with a Linux-based software development kit (SDK) which includes software drivers for all 589X peripheral functions. 


  • BroadSAFE™ PCI-compliant secure processing architecture and security assurance logic protects system from software and hardware security attacks
  • High-performance, low-power embedded processing with ARM11(R); CPU
  • Built-in multimedia capability to support video and audio applications
  • Supports popular networking and peripheral interfaces including Ethernet and USB
  • Extensive power-saving modes for battery-powered and handheld applications


  • Point of sale (POS) terminals
  • PINPad payment terminals
  • Mobile POS (mPOS) terminals

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BCM5830X Family

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