Automotive Camera MCU with Image Processing and Ethernet Streaming Pipeline

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The Broadcom BCM8910X is a fully-integrated BroadR-Reach® camera endpoint microcontroller (MCU) device designed for automotive vision-based applications including rearview and side-view cameras. The built-in ARM Cortex core supports low latency interrupt processing though the RTOS, runs an Ethernet Audio Video Broadcast (AVB) stack, and processes housekeeping tasks for a wide range of peripherals supporting 100Mbps / 1Gbps Ethernet, GMSL and wireless camera applications. The device has flexible camera interface that works with many types of camera sensors. Equipped with a customizable high dynamic range (HDR) imaging pipeline, the BCM8910X allows for scalable camera solutions from low latency video encoders to smart camera MCUs. A graphics plane overlay with alpha blending allows customers to superimpose guidelines or counters before encoding the video and streaming it over BroadR-Reach Ethernet.


  • Integrated BroadR-Reach 100BASE-T1 PHY
  • Flexible camera interface allowing customers to interface to a wide range of camera sensors
  • Integrated HDR-capable line-based ISP supporting various algorithms in hardware
  • On-chip memories for system cost optimization and security
  • Low latency video encoder
  • Single power supply eliminating the need for expensive external power management circuitry 


  • Automotive Rear View Camera
  • Automotive Surround View Camera
  • Automotive Smart Wired/Wireless Camera
  • Automotive Displays

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